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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Prototype vs. Finished Product

Again, the steps are blurred in the production process of application. As I mentioned before, we are quite difficult to separate the storyboard stage and prototype stage, especially for the person who are doing the production.

Prototype is a form of the finished work. It may be in different format or partial completed. For small production, if all these steps are doing by the same person (or same group of persons), it is easy to skip one to two because it seems to perform similar things and sometimes the prototype is already the finished work. (I think that’s why I only found few prototypes in classmate’s blogs!)

Again, technologies provide efficiency for the production work but also provide the confusion of the production process. As we know, the whole production process is the guidance of planning, so that the work will complete under in-depth thinking and consideration, and transfer information accurately. So I think we should ignore the technical issue during the planning process until we go into producing the final product.


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