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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Storyboard vs. Prototype

Both storyboard and prototype are highly used for designing task, such as movie, advertising, software and web design. However, some technical design like software or web design intended to treat storyboard that less important than prototype, and occasionally to skip the stage of storyboard in the design and planning process.

We totally agree that both of them are very important stages in the planning process, and help communicate with all the stakeholders. the production team tends to use prototype instead of storyboard, because prototype is more easily to stimulate the real product than the storyboard to express the idea to everybody. Since the technologies help people to create small prototypes and then the small prototypes may directly extend to be the real product, the production persons feel it is more efficient.

Technologies blurred the steps of planning process, and made us confused when doing designing work.


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