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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Preliminary Assignment Proposal

Sorry for my late here, because I am still on sick leave at home now. Because I absented last Friday, I am not so clear about the requirement of this proposal, so please tell me if anything I don’t know.

I have a very preliminary idea of my assignment. I want to create an information learning object called “Where you find item you want”. Actually, I am working in an academic library, the users ask where they can find particular book, periodical …etc everyday.

Because my library has different collection (location) like book collection, periodical, microform, reference, and reserve located at different floor, they are all in the same call number order (A-Z) by LC classification. Now, I can only make use of printed guides.
If there is a tool for them to input the information, like location name, call number prefix, and the tool provides the location guide (exactly location if possible) by the floor map like the red box in the above picture, there is a useful information tool.

I think this is a tool used at a PC. But ideally, when this tool can be used in the mobile media like PDA and mobile phone if incorporated with technique like J2ME, this tool will become a mobile tool used everywhere in the library.

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